2 billion a week…

That is the number of containers that Google creates and also terminates from an internally developed orchestration platform: Kubernetes. Few IT has become mainstream so quickly. What started at Google as an internal concept to keep up with its own growth seems to become the great helmsman for application development / innovation and the associated management of the (cloud) infrastructure.

Fully updated by our experts in 2 hours:

Bio Jaap

Jaap Gorjup - Experienced cloud architect and passionate "Kubernista". As CTO has guided several companies to the cloud based on the introduction of exponential technologies..

Bio JeffryJeffry Molanus - Very experienced software developer with extensive microservices experience. Currently working to overcome the limitations of storage within DevOps and Kubernetes environments.


They tell you what you always wanted to know:

  • Why are containers and Kubernetes so popular and what are the benefits?
  • Why are these relevant for IT and the business?
  • How do you improve your innovation, DevOps and deployment process?
  • What are the main trends for the coming years?
  • What are the applications within (hybrid) cloud environments?
  • How do you start with Kubernetes as an organization and what is 'low hanging fruit'?
  • What are pitfalls and which lessons learned can be taken in advance?


Register directly, there are 10 places per session:

The Kubernetes session starts at 4:00 pm until 6:00 pm and will take place in our office building in Utrecht.